WildeRabbit Media

Who is WildeRabbit Media?  Well, to be honest it is all still a work in progress but suffice it to say that for now it is primarily the brain child of Sam Taylor and Walter Harvey.  Sam is a long time professional record producer, entertainer, manager and confidant to so many people it would be impossible to list them all. 

Walter is an author, graphic artist and pretty funny fellow.  He has also written a screenplay entitled "Magi's Feather". We have many other projects in the mill and we will be sharing those with everyone as they come to fruition.

What is WildeRabbit? WildeRabbit is the latest entity to enter the creative world of publishing, movie making and general entertainment.  We want to produce books and films that we would be proud to have our name associated with.  What does that mean?  It means this.  We are tired of the onslaught of films outside the family values cherished by most people.  Does that mean we only believe in “G” rated books and films?  Certainly not!  After all if the bad guy isn’t very bad how can the audience see the difference between the good guys and the bad guys?  So, after much soul searching and a creative collaboration effort that has spanned several years we are proud to announce our first effort.  A novel entitled “Magi Manuscripts Vol. 1 - the STAR".

the STONE is a novel that will appeal to every age.  It involves swords and wise men, a female heroine and a camel with… let us just say he has some issues.  Here on this website we hope you will begin to understand our primary purpose is to build a brand “Wilderabbit” that families can trust to be the best in entertainment value with a message anyone could be proud to sponsor.  Our desire is to become a haven for good books, good movies and good times for you and your family.

Here’s your opportunity to become a part of our family, the Wilderabbit family.  Try out our first foray in publishing by buying a copy today of the STONE  It is available for the Kindle, Nook and Ipad.  Or, if you prefer a paperback copy, that can be ordered from our site as well.

If you haven't been to our site in awhile you may have missed the release of our second novel in the Magi Manuscript series. It is called "Magi Manuscripts Vol. 2 - the STONE". This is the tale of the shepherds and how they all make their way to Bethlehem for that one fateful night. A night, unlike any other that will change their lives forever.

Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to your feedback, comments and encouragement as we follow our hearts into the future.  Come along for the ride with Wilderabbit Media.